Taking up complex business and human challenges in the data age. Bringing intelligent solutions with high business impact to MENA based organizations.

Data as Capital,

AI as Amplifier…

And humans as Maestro!

With this mind set, Valyans, an African consulting firm, and AIOX Labs, a young company of researchers and consultants in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, have created Akumen AI, a firm of experts dedicated to generating business value through the mobilization of technologies and data sciences.

With this ambition, by placing the business needs at the center of any technological project, AkumenIA’s approach intends to rely on the complementary expertise of its founding members to deliver the promise of robust, fast and profitable data projects. If the data revolution implies a new approach to technology, AkumenIA’s mission is to establish in Morocco processes and methodologies at the heart of innovation while taking into account the African & Middle East specific context..

Data Assets

Three business lines to support you from ideation to deployment and activation of your data strategy

Data Strategy & Valuation

Beyond the buzzword, a future reality with proven approaches.

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Data Vision

Define a long-term data vision and identify the target business and technological enablers.

Data Valuation

Imagine, prioritize and activate tomorrow’s data use cases, services and business models.

Data M&A

Source, identify, value, and integrate your next strategic data partner with expert AI & Data due dilligences.

Big Data Design & Deploy

Beyond concepts, the means to ambition.

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Datalake Design

From your business needs, design an ideal platform and estimate the technological and human impacts.

Datalake Deploy

Realize your Big Data platform with the objective of a fast business ROI and assured privacy and scalability.

Big Data Satelites

Benefit from expert guidance on best practices in data management, DevOps, privacy, etc.

Data Augmented Use Cases

Beyond technology, activating the data potential

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Use Case Design

Identify the use cases and value of your data, from data sources to models and activation of results

Use Case Deploy

Rapidly deploy data use cases to generate growth, optimize and create new services

Advanced Analytics

Enrich your business with powerful analysis and models for better decision-making

The Datafarm


Aware that Big Data infrastructures and resources are not always accessible and widespread in Africa, the Akumen IA team has built the K-Farm, an infrastructure available to customers wishing to experiment with use cases and perform massive data processing quickly, without investment in infrastructure.

Entrust us with your objectives and Data, we will update the richness they contain and present you with the lessons that can be learned from them thanks to data science. The results will be delivered to you within three weeks along with the associated business guidelines.


Your data sources
Your business objectives
Our data infrastructure


Business insights
Business activation guidelines
ROI monitoring

Latest achievements

About AKUMENIA’s recent activity


Last AKUMENIA's whitepapers

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Akumen IA au live Economie Entreprise

Youssef Bouyakhf & Nawal Khayatei will be at GITEX week - Let's meet in H3-C25



AKUMENIA teams worked pro bono fighting sars-cov-2 pandemic speardout for government with 95+ accuracy since Mars 2020



We are constantly hiring talents in the field of data science & technologies, from entry to c-level.

Capabilities & expertise

A dual skillset in both management and in data science  & technology carried by a multi-specialist team

Akume IA has on board a strike force composed of Valyans Consulting’s business knowledge and AIOX Labs’ sharp and proven experience in AI

Data Science & AI

Data modeling, Machine & Deep Learning, Advanced Analytics etc.

Data Engineering

Data pipeline, DevOps, Distributed Computation, etc.

Industry verticals

Banking, Government, Retail, Automotive, Energy etc.

Business Capabilities

Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing, Operations, HR etc.

Data Architecture

Datalake, MDM, Cloud, Hybrid, APIs, Real-Time, etc.

Data Visualization

Dashboarding, Front-End, Applications, Enhanced Analytics etc.


Digital strategy, Branding, Advertisment, Communication etc.


Change management, trainings, seminarset Knowledge transfer.

Leadership & team synergies

When business expertise meets AI excellence


Nawal Khayatei


Nawal Khayatei Houssaini is co-founder and CEO of AKUMENIA, a joint-venture between Valyans Consulting and AIOX Labs, specialized in artificial intelligence and Big Data. She is also a Senior Partner at Valyans Consulting, in charge of the Digital and Transformation practice.
Nawal Khayatei Houssaini is a graduate of the Mohammedia School of Engineering and has completed the Advanced Management Cycle at ISCAE as well as several Chief Digital Officer courses on Business Models and Innovation. Her 22 years of experience in consulting has been built through the management of large transformation projects induced by the redefinition of business models, performance improvement, reorganization, information systems redesign and digital. Nawal has worked for major players in various sectors including the financial services, the industrial sector, the retail and the oil and gas industry. For the public sector, she has led projects in several public offices and institutions.
Her proven experience on transformation projects has allowed her to understand the need to further exploit data to gain efficiency. It is with this conviction that she created the Data practice within Valyans Consulting and that she co-founds today AKUMEN IA.

Soulaimane Lahrech

Partner - Head of Data Science & Technologies

A graduate of ESSEC and UC Berkeley, Soulaimane has built his career in major Parisian consulting firms specialized in Big Data and Data Science. After many years working for major French, German and American groups in all sectors (banking, automotive, retail, health, etc.) on projects to set up Big Data platforms (data lakes) combined with AI and Data Science applications, Soulaimane joined AIOX Labs as COO and Big Data lead and then co-founded AkumenIA alongside Valyans, a long-standing partner. The datz applications of Volkswagen Group, BNPP or Sanofi are among his main achievements.
Soulaimane is convinced that the success of AI and Big Data projects must be based on a methodology and an approach that places business needs and data use cases as the keystone of the project.
Soulaimane is also a data architect, data privacy officer and teacher in Moroccan and international universities.

Khalid Iben Yaich

General Manager in charge of Data Governance

Khalid Iben Yaich is historically in charge of the Data & AI Practice at Valyans Consulting. Khalid is an engineer, graduated from IMT Atlantique in France and Ball State University in the United States, he has a proven expertise in analysis and modeling that he uses mainly to develop public strategies as well as redefine business models and improve the performance of major private players.
At Valyans Consulting, Khalid has assisted several major players in defining Data Governance, modeling their activities and developing predictive and decision support tools. Khalid is also an expert in the development of sectoral strategies in Morocco and Africa. He has contributed to the development of strategies for several sectors including urban logistics, fishing, aquaculture, air transport, trade, construction, etc. He also participated in the elaboration of several programs and projects of territorial development.

Youssef Bouyakhf

Partner - Head of Data Strategy & Valuation

Youssef is a graduate of both Ecole Centrale and ESSEC Business School. He is convinced that the dialogue between the world of technology and business is the key to the success of innovation projects. After a start at JP Morgan in London, Youssef joined the Macquarie Group.
With a strong background in purchasing, divesting and IPO, he developed the conviction that only investments in forward-looking areas with real market prospects can generate value for both the company and the economy. It is in this context that he became passionate about AI and took the next step by co-founding AIOX Labs where he serves as CFO and data valuation expert. Youssef is dedicated to understanding strategic objectives and defining returns on investment before collaborating with technical teams. Youssef is now in charge of the European development of AIOX Labs and Akumen AI.
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